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At Juicy Fruits we are quietly obsessed with detail and aim to capture not just the appearance of something but the feeling of it.

Juicy Fruits work covers everything from stop frame silicone puppets to resin food sculptures, fake fruit, artificial flowers and botanical mockups. We work in fine detail as close as possible to real life, always to brief ensuring  high standards and a friendly service.

Since we started in 2000 we have worked on hundreds of campaigns and have the made some pretty wild stuff for the advertising media. We like a challenge. No two days are the same at Juicy Fruits and we’re always on our toes. A typical day might see us working on a brief, story board or anamatic, figuring out the best way to make things happen with models and special effects. How ever demanding a squence may seem, we’re always on the case and ready to come up with the best way forward.

Recent Work