We are model makers for advertising moving image and stills production.
Our work covers everything from fruit and flowers to stop frame silicone puppets and super sized chocolate.

About us

Since we started in 2000 we have worked on hundreds of campaigns and have the made some pretty wild stuff for the media. We make work to commission and hire throughout Europe, the US, Australia and the Far East.

How do we do it?

Our work looks real because of the materials and process we use. We look closely at the real thing and use hard and soft mediums that carry precise degrees of translucent light. Everything we make is about light. Not just surface light, but the way light penetrates colour and surface texture. We are quietly obsessed with detail and aim to capture not just the appearance of something but the feeling of it.

How we operate to commission

Work begins with a phone call and an email brief. We listen to what you want and discuss the best way forward, We then prepare a quote indicating the time needed to complete. When a job is signed off, we start work keeping you informed with work in progress. We make changes until you and your client are happy.

We arrange delivery of the work, always on time.

We are able to attend shoot days to rig, set up and make things happen.

More about us

Juicy Fruits is run by Steven Wheeler who has been a food stylist for many years. His career as a maker started as a confectioner and pastry chef back in the 70’s. His interest in process and materials has led him into food model making and special effects. Steven is self taught and will admit there is always more to learn.

Our workshops are situated just outside Cambridge; 50 minutes from London. We work in a rural setting where we grow an extensive variety of plants and trees. We are a friendly lot, the kettle is usually on, our biscuits are covered in real chocolate, so do call in if you’re passing.